Book Review! The Tiger’s Wife by Téa Obreht – LATE POST

This story has been on my book list for a VERY long time. It was recommended as additional reading in my Mythology & Folklore class that I took many many semesters ago & I finally got around to reading it about a week ago :/ Moving on…I LOVED my Myth/Folk class so I was super excited that this book had finally made its way to the top of my book list. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed.

^^^^^The above notes were written January 10th, the last time I updated my blog. I’m so bad 😦 I’ve been so busy with College Program, applying/getting ready for Chapman, and just living life, blogging has fallen to the back burner.
Seeing as I read this book about 7 months ago, I unfortunately don’t remember too much of it – which I guess says something! Here’s what I do remember…the writing was really eloquent, very well done. The author is in her mid twenties, or at least she was when she wrote the book, so I was really impressed by her. The story was interesting, mysterious, kept me reading, EXCEPT, it draaaagggeeeddddd. The plot lines kept twisting and turning but there was no real resolution until the very last chapter and even then it felt very unsatisfying. I was not very pleased with the ending. I wish I could get into more specifics, but the story didn’t stick with me enough to be memorable.

Final verdict: READ IT! I know I said it wasn’t memorable, and the ending leaves you with questions, but all in all the writing is really well done and the story is interesting. Maybe you’ll find something in the ending that I didn’t see, or can’t remember!

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