Book Review! The Happiness Project (August to December)

This is the 3rd & final installment of my Happiness Project Review!
I started this project in January 2015, you can read about the first installment here, and the second installment here! Seeing as how it’s pretty darn close to the end of the year, this felt like the perfect way to close things out.

AUGUST – Contemplate the Heavens – Eternity
Goals: Read memoirs of catastrophe, Keep a Gratitude Notebook, Imitate a Spiritual Master
Review: I couldn’t do it anymore. I lacked any interest in finishing this Happiness Project. In a previous month’s Goal, author Gretchen Rubin stated something along the lines of that she needed to just “Be Gretchen” & embrace who she was/what she found fun & interesting & stop doing things for the sake of others. Upon reading the Goals of August, I decided I needed to “Be Al-Leigh”. I had no interest in doing the Goals Rubin had set out to complete. Previously, I had done my best to complete the Goals even if I wasn’t interested because I wanted to read Rubin’s experiences and compare them to my own. However, at this point, I didn’t look forward to reading her experience with the Project & no matter how much I wanted to commit for the sake of this Review, I knew I was done. I’m sorry ya’ll! I didn’t find Rubin’s Happiness Project motivating, or her writing entertaining. I feel bad speaking ill of another writer, but I want to tell the truth about my experience.

Final Rating Overall: F
I feel bad giving THP such a low rating, but I didn’t even finish the book & therefore, the Project. Despite my negative review, I encourage you to pick this book up if you’re a little bit curious, looking to shake things up a bit, or you need a little guidance. The reason I somewhat recommend this book is because I feel that someone else may connect with Rubin’s writing & Project Goals in a way that I couldn’t.

What do you think of “The Happiness Project”? Have you ever started a Self Growth project like this & not finished it? If you were able to finish, what were some tips & tricks you can share with the rest of us!? Please let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Thanks to all my loyal Followers, I really appreciate you all, you’ve made 2015 a great year for this blog! Keep commenting & emailing your ideas for upcoming posts in 2016! Have a happy, healthy, & safe New Year! Yay 2016!

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