Vlog #3 – Trip to Napa!

It’s finally here – another Vlog – almost 2 months late, whoops! Please watch the video below to get a little taste of Napa & see how I celebrated with my mom for her birthday!
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Vlog #2 – Melrose Ave Adventures Part 2

Hello all! Please click play on the video below to watch the continued adventures of my friends Jeremiah, Jeri, and myself as we do some shopping and explore Los Angeles! I’m still learning how to film and move around, talk to the camera, how long to make eye contact with the camera haha, things like that – so please bare with me as I go through this learning process.

A little explanation of our first stop – Sevenly. Sevenly produces unique “cause art”¬†with profits going towards designated charities depending on what the product is. I have previously talked about them in my Veteran’s Day post. Normally they sell shirts for a week, then retire the style or apply the profits to the next Charity, so you have to act somewhat quickly if you like something or the specific charity it’s supporting. They don’t have a “Sevenly store” but for one weekend they decided to have a sale on¬†old shirts. As I’m financially strained at this point in my life, I haven’t been able to support Sevenly or many charities as much as I’d like to, so when I saw the words “SALE” – I knew I had to stop by & see what they were offering. I ended up falling in love with 6 shirts & the causes they supported, but tough decisions had to be made and I only walked away with 3, descriptions are below!

Something I didn’t mention in the video – the location we were at is the Sevenly headquarters, but there is an actual store attached called “Share and Do Good”. They sell charity items as well, some from the Sevenly website & some from other brands that support specific missions. So if you’re in the SoCal/Orange County area, please don’t hesitate to go check out “Share and Do Good”!

I purchased these 2 shirts…
1. Black Flowy Tank – “Be the Change You Hope to See in the World”, one of my favorite quotes! This top supported Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program, which gives a cuddly stuffed animal to a child undergoing chemotherapy. This print is still available on the Sevenly website but I don’t believe Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program is a designated charity anymore.
2. Black Oversized Batwing Top – “It’s Not Okay” This shirt supports a charity called The Sheepfold, which helps women & children take shelter from¬†Domestic Violence.

The following 3 items are the shirts from the video I did NOT purchase.
3. Grey Flowy Tank – “Slavery Exists when People Stay¬†Silent” I’m not sure exactly what charity this supported but it was geared towards helping woman escape from Sex Slavery in the United States. I don’t believe this is available anymore.
4. Black T-Shirt with Eagle – “Fallen but Not Forgotten” This design supports TAPS – Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors – a Non Profit that supports the families¬†of fallen Military members. This shirt was insanely difficult for me to leave behind. Currently this design is still available on the Sevenly website – at full price $28 – which unfortunately for me is just not something I can pay for¬†a shirt, especially knowing I could have purchased it half price. However,¬†I’ve signed up to Volunteer with TAPS¬†at the Disney 1/2 Marathon the first weekend in September, so I’m really excited!
5. Purple T-Shirt – “Destinies are Made When People Get Involved” Again, unfortunately, I’m not sure exactly what charity, but it was made to support families dealing with the loss of a child. I can’t find this design on the Sevenly website, so I’m assuming it’s no longer in production.

If you liked any of the shirts in this video & can’t find them on the website, please don’t be afraid to contact Sevenly. Mention that you watched my video, tell them which shirt you liked, & perhaps they’ll be able to help you. I am in NO WAY making promises for them, but I have talked to their Customer Service before & they were extremely polite & helpful.

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1st Vlog on YouTube! Melrose Ave Adventures featuring @JeremiahHowe & @JeritheGiraffe

I’m so excited to announce I have FINALLY filmed my first Vlog for YouTube!!! YAY!!! Please don’t judge too harshly as I’m still getting the hang of filming & editing – let me know in the comments here or on YouTube what you think & please FOLLOW me! You can view the video on YouTube by clicking here! Or just look down below!

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Event Recap: Be Social PR & DASH Boutique presents JNB Trunk Show

Hello lovelies!
About a month ago I was invited¬†by Be Social PR to attend the launch of JNB Jacqueline Nicole Brown Jewelry at the Kardashian’s DASH boutique in Los Angeles. I’ve covered events before for TNT Tauna, but never for my own blog, so I was excited, yet nervous, to attend this event on my own and represent myself and this blog.

The event was simple and classic. Aloe infused cocktails were provided by Harlowe and FlashTag brought their photo booth for fun, on the spot, print photos. You could definitely tell the store was curated by the Kardashian brand.

As an unemployed¬†college student pretty much everything was out of my price range, but I enjoyed looking at the beautiful designer clothing and JNB Jewelry – a mix of Hollywood glamour and bohemian chic. I loved the California State necklaces and anything with the geode type pendants, called “Druzy Stones”. I’ve been seeing a lot of that style¬†recently.

I did break down and buy¬†a Voluspa Candle. It was more than I would usually pay for a candle – $12, but the packaging was so beautiful I knew I could find use for it after the candle burned out. I’m a sucker for packaging. Having no previous experience with this brand, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this candle had a¬†long lasting and potent fragrance while being burned. I had it burning basically 24/7 after purchasing it, so I already need another. I’m definitely a fan!

On top of attending this event, I was also lucky enough to be a JNB Dash Bash winner and win a JNB midi ring! I never win anything, I was beyond thrilled! You can see the ring below in my gallery of pictures of the event.

All in all, it was a great night! Please check out all my pictures. Thanks so much to Be Social PR for inviting me and to all the amazing sponsors for showing off their goodies!

I’d love to get to know more PR companies and brands looking for promotion, if you would be interested in having me write a recap of your next event, please contact me at MissAl.Leigh@gmail.com

Sephora.com, Inc.

Veteran’s Day: Shirts to show your Support!

TL;DR: I support the troops. Here’s some merch that donates money to that cause. Serious¬†stuff and a funny¬†video¬†at the bottom.

For the most part, I keep this blog very light hearted. However, today I will be discussing a cause very near and dear to my heart that may rile some of you up Рsupporting the United States military. Military support can be controversial as it is tied to many other aspects of our political and cultural landscape such as war, mental health, domestic violence, and 2nd Amendment rights Рto name a few.

I’m a huge supporter of the members of our¬†military despite the fact that there are those¬†that give the military a bad name – I ¬†would know – however, I think there’s a bigger calling at work here. Bad apples shouldn’t be the poster children for the whole tree. We shouldn’t¬†allow negative perceptions of those “bad apples” to turn us away from everyone else. If anything, we should allow that negativity to motivate us¬†to learn more about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries), the transition process for those coming home from overseas, and what’s being done by our government and military leaders to help our veterans – and how we can get involved too!

While I encourage showing support everyday, most causes have special days to go all out – in this case, Veteran’s Day. It’s¬†a day to say thank you to those – past and present- that have been a crucial part of American history. What I’m showing you¬†today are charities I think you should check out and my favorite piece of merchandise from their store. I wanted to get this post out so there will be time for you to buy something and wear it this Veteran’s Day. I want to buy it all, but realistically that’s not in my budget, so I plan to buy one or two, then add the rest to a wish list (*cough cough* Christmas is coming ūüôā )

*Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with these groups in terms of profit, so please don’t think clicking these links will earn me anything. These are genuinely good organizations¬†that I support and want to promote,¬†you can check their rating on Charity Navigator,
Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 4.49.07 PM

1.$24.99 and 2. $32.99¬†The front says “The greatest casualty is being forgotten”
Both shirts are part of the¬†Wounded Warriors Project¬†&¬†Under Armor collection. “Wounded Warrior Project¬†serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound, co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001 and their families.” (from their website) WWP was one of the first Veteran’s programs I became involved with when I volunteered at one of their Tough Mudder events. Along with their BackPack Program and merchandise, they also coordinate 8K events and several other programs designed to cater to veteran’s “mind, body, economic empowerment, and engagement”.

3. $20
I find this design a little hard to read at first glance, but I think that’s the point. If you are familiar with the group, you recognize the design. IAVA stands for Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America. IAVA began as a joint project with the Ad Council, but is now a 4 Star Charity geared towards supporting our most recent generation of veterans. It was started in 2004 by an Iraq veteran to¬†assist¬†veterans in various ways in their communities, in politics, and creating a connection with civilians to get them involved as well. This organization is well known¬†for creating “Community of Veterans”, the first online social network exclusively available for veterans of ¬†the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a purely veteran’s only community designed to help with the transition back to civilian life.

4.$28 – act quickly – read below to see why!
Sevenly¬†is not specifically¬†a military charity, however, I think they’re an important organization. Every week Sevenly teams up with a different charity and creates “cause art” merchandise and donates at least $7 of each item back to the specific charity of the week. The reason I say you must act quickly if you like one of their items is because most are exclusive, limited editions. The shirt¬†shown above supports a charity called “4 Paws 4 Ability“, which trains and provides service dogs to those in need, including veterans. While there are service dogs to assist with PTSD related needs and a host of other veteran’s needs, this charity is¬†focused on mobility issues and hearing loss associated with combat.¬†

5. $24
Last but not least is a charity I’ve been interested in for some time now, Got Your 6. I figure most will know this, but just in case…saying “got your 6” is another way of saying “I’ve got your back”. This group works with the entertainment industry and other non-profit groups to bridge the veteran-civilian gap. They aim to do this through an awareness campaign across TV, print, radio, and social media. 100% of their donations go back to the non-profits that support this campaign.

So there ya have it, which shirt do you like best? Had you heard of any of these charities before? Please let me know of any other charities you like to support that you think I should look into, or any other thoughts in the comments below – thanks for reading! Check my Instagram: @missal_leigh on November 11th to see which shirt I end up wearing!

On a way more serious note: This is an issue I’m currently following/supporting to the best of my ability, please read: Free the Marine: SGT Andrew Tahmooressi

On a way more light hearted note:
This artist creates a series of comics based on his time in the USMC. He’s very talented, and provides commentary so civilians can understand the context/military humor. Great insight to the military presented in a hilarious way: Terminal Lance
One of my favorite military related videos: MOMMA DOG

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