Movie Review – Gangster Squad – LATE POST!

Late movie review 3 of 7…

Gangster Squad – released January 11th, 2013

Starring: Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling

Plot: I do not remember. Basic storyline…Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling are bad ass cops trying to bring down a mob boss played by Sean Penn in old time Los Angeles. Emma Stone is Sean Penn’s girlfriend but she starts fooling around with Ryan Gosling. It’s probably not a good sign that I don’t remember any of the character’s names. JB & RG get together a rag tag team of other bad ass cops and eventually take down the mob boss. A bunch of the team dies, except for JB & RG who ride off into the sunset with their ladies.

My opinion/rating: Again, as you can probably tell by my thrilling plot description, I was totally enamored with this film…or not. Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. Reminded me a lot of the video game “L.A. Noir”, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s a really romanticized era for L.A, and it’s fun because I live close to the area they’re referencing, so I understand the references for the most part. This was a very violent movie, pretty sad too, not really my type of movie, this was obviously Aaron’s pick. I’d watch this movie again, but I wouldn’t be thrilled with it. Overall rating – C.

Movie Review! Labor Day – LATE POST!

I’m such a slacker! I have a list of SEVEN movies that I last saw at a movie theater & I’m probably forgetting a couple, but I’m gonna post them ASAP hopefully in the order I saw them in.  I wrote these reviews exactly how I’d explain these movies to a friend, key points are highlighted. Without further ado…

Labor Day – I don’t believe this has been released…?

Starring: Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, and Tobey Maguire

Back story: Aaron and I went to see a movie that I can’t remember the name of now and there were promoters for Labor Day standing outside asking if we’d like to see a free show in two weeks, we just had to stay after and answer questions – the stars of the movie MIGHT stop by! Of course we said yes, of course they didn’t, but oh well – free movie!!

Plot: I signed a non disclosure agreement when I went to the sneak preview that said I couldn’t really discuss anything about the film until it actually came out in theaters because the version we saw is not the final version so they don’t want people judging the movie based on things that might be different in the end. Basically the movie is about a lonely woman & her son taking in a mysterious man & all the drama that unfolds around them.

My opinion/rating: Just a weird, strange movie. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t really like it.  The story is predictable, but heart warming in a bizarre way. I wouldn’t recommend anyone pay to see this movie, mostly because I haven’t seen the final version, so I don’t really know what you’ll be getting yourself into. Based on what I saw though, I’d give this a D rating & recommend you wait for Netflix.