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Hello everyone! This is my new blog to accompany my new Youtube channel, MissPrincessAlLeigh – welcome!

As I said in the video, the products I received for free to test because I’m part of People StyleWatch A-Listers. It’s a free program that People StyleWatch has & they occasionally send out surveys about beauty products & such. Even less frequently they have opportunities to try new products. Below I’ll show pictures of the products I received except for the conditioner, b/c it looks just like the shampoo, so that everyone can get a closer look because I know the quality on the video is NOT excellent – don’t fret, I have a nice video camera…I just have to find it. 😀

Also, once again, as I said in the video, yes, I received these items for free, but I’m not being compensated by any of the companies to talk about them, nor am I affliated with these companies. Right now I’m just showing the products and saying how I feel right off the bat, a more in depth review will follow once I’ve used the products for two weeks, but I won’t be paid for that either. Okay, here we go!

Available at most drugstores/Ulta

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