Yelp Review: Pinkie’s Nail Salon in Layfayette

Hey all,
Just wanted to direct you all to a review I just posted on Yelp for Pinkie’s Nail Salon in Lafayette, California. Please read it, lemme know what you think! Have you been there before, if so, what did you think? Read it here. 

Mani Monday!

Today’s Mani Monday is brought to you by O.P.I in the color “Rising Star”. This is from the Burlesque Collection. Does anyone remember that movie with Christina Aguilera & Cher? I never saw it but I wanted to.

This is the first time I’ve used this color.
As usual with O.P.I. products, I’m not in love with the square brush, but the pigmentation is great. I didn’t use a base coat :/ but two coats of polish and top coat worked just fine.
The quality of this polish is great. One coat was enough to create a base with very little streaks. You could’ve left it alone if you wanted a very sheer shimmery look. The second coat was perfect for filling in spaces and creating a super shiny shimmery look. I feel like my nails look like brand new pennies lol.
For some holiday fun and to add a little color contrast, I glued on some nail gems from the dollar store. We’ll see how long those last lol.

All in all, great color & I’m pleased with the turn out, but I already passed it onto my mom. I’m not a huge sparkle/shimmer person and this color is overloaded! I can tell it looks nice on my nails & I’ve gotten a lot of compliments, but it just doesn’t feel like me. I know, I’m weird.
Does that ever happen to anyone else – a beauty product that just doesn’t feel quite right with your personality? Am I alone in this weirdness? Lol let me know in the comments!

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Mani Monday!

20131209-122909.jpgToday’s Mani Monday is brought to you by Sephora by O.P.I. In the color “Break a Leg-warmer!” I believe this is one of the colors from the NY Ballet inspired line…which would make sense given the name.

Usually I don’t like square shaped brushes. I prefer the rounded brush like the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. However, I didn’t want to stick to just one brand for the rest of my life so I picked up some Sephora colors during my Sephora haul that I blogged about in November.

This color is super rich and creamy, almost one coat is enough, but by default I did two, along with my normal base/top coat. I worry that this will leave my nails a little grey tinged when I take the polish off but hopefully the base coat stops that from happening.

Let me know your thoughts! Do you like this color? Do you like other Sephora by OPI colors? Other brands?