Book Review! The Sisters by Nancy Jensen

Lots of book reviews! I still have at least one more planned for this week 😀 “The Sisters” is going to be a quick one – too many potential spoilers!

Usually I write pretty in depth Book Reviews with Character Analysis and Quotes, etc. However, my Review of “The Sisters” is going to be much more general. I was so enthralled in the story I raced through without taking any notes. I considered giving it another read simply to take notes to write a better Review, but ultimately decided against it for a couple reasons.

1. There’s no way to talk about the story & characters without spoiling the main mystery, the “big reveal”, the catalyst that sets all the drama in motion. You find out the details in the first few chapters, but it’s still a journey you should experience for yourself, not through Spoilers in this review.
2. I have other books I want to read, haha! While I enjoyed this story & thought it was well written, the subject matter was fairly dark, not something I want to linger over. Plus, now that I know all the ins and outs of the story, there’s no…thrill of the chase, if you will. I know how it ends. Rereading all the pain and suffering this family experiences isn’t going to change anything other than this review. You should take my word that this is a good book without needing a full review, haha!

Rating: B
As mentioned above, the story was super sad, but definitely kept me intrigued. The basic story is about sisters & best friends, Mabel & Bertie, young girls in the 1920’s. When Bertie is 13, a tragic set of circumstances & misunderstanding separates them. The novel follows how, not just their lives, but the lives of subsequent generations are changed because of the actions taken by the two girls. It will tug on your heartstrings especially if you’re a woman and/or have sisters or just in general have had a relationship torn apart due to a misunderstanding. I couldn’t give it a full A because like I said, very dark, not something I’d really want to read again, it didn’t really make me think or inspire me in any way, & towards the end I did have some trouble keeping track of all the characters.

Have you read “The Sisters”? If you want to talk Spoilers, please be courteous of other readers & don’t leave them in the comments! All my contact info is listed at the top of the page – you’re always welcome to shoot me an email at Thanks for reading!!

Updated playlist!

Here’s a list of 20 new songs I downloaded off of Itunes last night. I’ve been feeling musically deprieved because usually I only buy songs that are .99 cents or cheaper & most of these songs were more expensive than that, but I couldn’t take it anymore!! All of these songs are available on Itunes varying from $0.69 to $1.29

1) Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding.
A classic! I heard this song for the first time in AGES when I had to watch “The Commitments” for my Rock ‘n’ Roll history class last semester. After hearing it again, I remembered why it’s SO good especially the part when the beat picks up.

2) S&M by Rihanna
I don’t generally like Rihanna’s music but this song JAMS!! It’s uber catchy, the perfect dance tune, and I love the video, it’s so vivid & full of metaphors.

3) Peace Come Over You
4) Say
5) How Many Times
6) Every If & Every Why
– all by The Rocket Summer
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE x’s a million, The Rocket Summer aka Bryce Avary. I could write a whole post dedicated to Bryce, but I’ll try to keep this short. These four songs are from “Of Men & Angels: B-Sides”. These songs are SO amazing, as I always expect from Bryce. Peace Come Over You & How Many Times are more peaceful relaxing songs, whereas Every If & Every Why has more of a rock edge to it and Say is somewhere right in the middle. If you buy any of the songs on this list, DEFINITELY buy The Rocket Summer. Bryce is an amazing amazing artist that doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his talents.

7) Chit Chat by Christine Bibawi
I met Christine when we were both extras on the set of the Michael Jackson/Akon video “Hold My Hand”. She mentioned that she was a singer/songwriter & we got to talking about her music career. This is her first single & I totally love it. It’s really electronic sounding & fun to dance to. I also like the message – NO CHIT CHAT!!

8) American Honey by Lady Antebellum
This song just feels really relaxing and calm to me. When I hear it I feel like I should be in a field of flowers or at a park, just basking in the sunshine and chilling out.

9) King of Anything by Sara Bareilles
Love the message of this song, love the poppy, brightness of the tune & love her voice. This song is so fun to sing along to.

10) What The Hell by Avril Lavigne
It’s been awhile since I’ve liked any of Avril’s music, but this song is SO SO SO fun! I like the different dynamics of the song, loud/soft, long/short notes, etc. To me, this is totally a bad ass, bad girl anthem song.

11) Price Tag by Jessie J Ft. B.O.B
Just happened to discover this song on Youtube & I fell under it’s spell. Jessie J is so beautiful & she’s a cross between Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Fergie, & Nicki Minaj. This is a good song to dance to, not shake your butt type dancing, but just to like…rock out to. Like a lot of the songs on this list, I love the message in this song. I also think it sounds really unique…cha ching cha ching…bla bling bla bling! 🙂

12) Please Don’t Go by Mike Posner
A totally chill club song. I know that sounds like a contradiction but if you know this song you know what I mean! The beats of this song are sick, whenever I hear this song I think of my friend that creates his own music because it sounds like something he would’ve made.

13) Secrets by OneRepublic
Favorite line: “Thought you saw me wink – no! I’ve been on the brink though.” I like the beautiful violins in this song, it’s a very unique sound. This song has a very relaxed urban feel to it, I could see myself listening to this while walking through a big city on a chilly fall day. It’s kind of a melancholy song, but I still love it!

14) Don’t Rain on My Parade by Barbra Streisand
Classic! Yes, I originally heard this song on Glee, but no one can beat Streisand so I had to download her version. This song was also featured in one of my favorite movies “Life With Mikey”. This is such a great song to just belt out when people have been pushing you around and bringing you down. I love musical theatre!!

15) Hell on the Heart by Eric Church
This song is soo romantic!! I hope my boyfriend feels this way about me LOL. Catchy tune, makes you dance in your seat.

16) Stompin the Roses by David Archuleta
This song totally makes me wanna rock out! The best part of the song is that Bryce Avary (The Rocket Summer) wrote it! It DEFINITELY sounds like something he would write. I’m disappointed he didn’t record it himself, but it’s okay.

17) Moment 4 Life by Nicki Minaj & Drake
I don’t generally like rap or R&B but this song has a nice message. I don’t like the chorus all that much but I like Nicki’s rap sections.

18) Yeah 3X by Chris Brown
Okayyy, since I’m not sure exactly how I feel about Chris Brown given his violent tendencies, I tried not to download this song for as long as possible, because I don’t like to support celebrities who I feel are not nice people. However, I can’t get this song out of my head – it’s such a party song! This song seems to me like a new version of Forever, which I also loved & was obsessed with when it came out.

19) Better Life by Keith Urban
Just discovered this song & I really like it. The music itself is somewhat average & sounds very much like other Keith Urban songs, but I LOVE the lyrics. They really apply to my life right now, and my favorite lyrics are the kind that have meaning 🙂

20) Hell Yeah by Montgomery Gentry
Another somewhat melancholy song that ends with a really rocking chorus!

Thanks for reading my list. Do you like any of these songs? What are some other songs you think I’d like? Let me know in the comments!