Writing Sample – Domestic Violence

I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on posts lately, just been really busy and technology has not been kind to me. It’s exhausting trying to figure out how to format all the pictures and videos on here from my iPhone – but I’ll learn!…someday. So to keep the 4 of you who read this blog kind of entertained, I’m gonna post up a late post, something I wrote on FB in “honor” of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Hope you guys find this at least interesting, hopefully thought provoking too. Let me know…

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and this is a cause I’ve decided to become more vocal about. *begin rant*
Never let anyone that “loves” you make you feel unsafe, unwanted, or unloved, especially when they turn around and tell you it’s YOUR fault they treat you badly. No one is holding them back, making them stay, if you’re such an issue in their lives, why don’t they leave? The answer: You’re not the problem. They are. Their mindset, attitude, and actions are the problem. Not you. No one deserves to be made to feel like they’re worthless. There are a million other things I want to say, but the bottom line is, love is out there & it does not look like anything I mentioned above.
Be good to the person you’re with, the heart, mind, and spirit are so fragile, and they’re trusting you to take care of them. More importantly, I know this is can be so challenging but, be good to yourself, recognize when someone is disrespecting you to the utmost degree and get out! MOST importantly, if you ever have the chance to help someone suffering from domestic violence, please help them. Sometimes people can’t see their own worth because they’ve been put down for so long & they need someone else to show them that they deserve better. They may not listen to you right away, but never give up on them.
Love is out there that comes with respect and safety, and the place you should find that kind of love first before you look for it in a relationship, is within yourself. When you respect and value yourself, you won’t depend on other people to feel that way about you. You will be enough. You are enough. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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