Week 2! The “Lowe” Down: Get Fit with Kylee Lowe!

Hello again!
Today I’m going to be posting the results of Week 1 of The “Lowe” Down and the plan for Week 2. If you haven’t been following along, click here to read last week’s post about a new Collaboration I’m working on with my friend and Fitness Guru, Kylee Lowe. Follow her Instagram: @loveleeloe to get great fitness tips and contact her about getting The “Lowe” Down for yourself. Click the FOLLOW button on the top right of this page to subscribe to my blog and you’ll be notified when I post new updates! Also, Follow my Instagram: @missal_leigh to get sneak peeks of the plan in action!


Starting Weight: ~ 170 (like 173/174) > Week 2: ~ 5lbs
Starting Measurements                       > Week 2
Biceps: (L) – 13.25”, (R) – 13.5”            Biceps: (L) – 12″, (R) – 12.5″
Chest/Bust: 43”/36-38 DDD                 Chest: 42″
Waist: 36”                                             Waist: 34″
Hips: 45.5”                                            Hips: 45.5″
Thighs: (L) – 26.25”, (R) – 26.5”           Thighs: (L) – 26″, (R) – 25.75″
YAY, making progress! I feel much lighter and have more energy. Although I will say, I have a co-conspirator doing this with me, who wishes to remain anonymous, and she lost 12 pounds and 12 inches (!!!!) this week. I’m really proud of her for sticking with this, but I’m also a little jealous – haha!

Days 5 – 7:
The rest of Week 1 went really well! Again, maybe TMI for some, but you’ll be okay…I have NEVER gone pee this much in my life! The wonders of drinking water – haha! I’m not a huge water drinker, I mostly stick to juice, so drinking just water has been one of the biggest changes in my diet. It was a bit challenging to complete the Fitness portion because it’s been raining here, but I still got it done! Check my Instagram for some silly pictures of Bella after getting caught in the rain on our walk! I’ll be switching over to the gym from here on out, but I’d like to get Bella on a more consistent walking schedule because I think she enjoyed being out and about. As I mentioned in my Mid Week Update the food for days 4 – 7 was delicious. The menu has been changed up a bit for Week 2 & I have to say I’m sad to see my peanut butter and rice cake snack go, but it’s okay! I was somewhat surprised to see the Juices make a return, but I like the idea of learning how to incorporate Juicing into a Clean Diet.

                                                             The “Lowe” Down – Week 2!
Days 8 – 14:
Fitness: Running 6 of the 7 days for 30-45 minutes! Weight training 3 times.
*Before you eat/drink anything, drink a glass of lemon water after your morning run!
– Green Juice 8oz, 2 whole eggs cooked in coconut oil
– Green Smoothie
– Energy Juice, Mixed Raw Veggies, Hummus
– Lean Ground Turkey, Baby Spinach, Avocado, Fat Free dressing or Hot Sauce  & Tea
– Protein Shake
– Chicken, Brown Rice or Sweet Potatoes, Veggies
*Just before bed, drink hot tea or hot water & add lemon & cayenne pepper

So there ya have it! We’ve made it to Week 2! What do you think so far? Please leave me any of your comments/questions/concerns in the comments and be sure to contact Kylee through her Instagram: @loveleeloe to get the full details of the plan.

Mid Week Update! Get the “Lowe” Down: Get Fit with Kylee Lowe!

Hi all! Keep reading to see what happened during Days 2 & 3 of the Juicing Phase of The “Lowe” Down, a Diet/Fitness plan created by my friend & fitness guru Kylee Lowe! Go follow her on Instagram: @loveleeloe and contact her to get a plan of your own! Follow me on Instagram/Twitter: @missal_leigh for more updates and pics! Click here to see what happened on Day 1 and the full Week 1 plan!

IMG_3028First off, just in case anyone is curious, here are my Starting Measurements. I would like to lose at least 10 inches from my Chest/Waist/Hips, but obviously, I expect that will take some time.
Biceps: (L) – 13.25”, (R) – 13.5”
Chest/Bust: 43”/36-38 DDD
Waist: 36”
Hips: 45.5”
Thighs: (L) – 26.25”, (R) – 26.5”

Day 2 & 3:
As expected Days 2 & 3 went much better than Day 1. I did not find Juicing, or at least Kylee’s version of it, to be as difficult as people say it is. I think that’s because my diet problems don’t stem from eating too much, too often, they stem from not eating often enough and then binging on unhealthy items. For example, when I was in school (in December lol), I would have a somewhat healthy breakfast, then eat maybe one or two granola/protein bars throughout the day. After being in class all day – trust me when I say ALL day, my last semester at Chapman I took 22 units/7 classes – I would go out with friends and have appetizers, dinner, dessert, and most likely a few drinks. Basically all my food was being eaten with no calorie count in mind, after 7pm or later, which is when you’re supposed to STOP eating! With that in mind, drinking/eating every 2 hours was challenging because I would still be somewhat full from the meal before. There was definitely an adjustment/learning period and it almost felt like once I was really starting to get the hang of the routine – we moved on to Day 4. I’m happy to eat “real food”, but I also feel like I could’ve Juiced a little longer. Overall, my biggest complaint was that I had no personal taste for some of the menu items. The Green Juice and Butternut Squash soup were just not tasty to me. I knew from the get-go that they probably wouldn’t be as I’m not a huge fan of the ingredients of the Green Juice or Butternut Squash. Despite that, I wanted to stick to the exact plan Kylee laid out for me. The Energy and Antioxidant Juice were amazing! I’ll drink those all day, everyday! If I Juice again, I know I will have to suffer through the Green Juice because of all the vegetables it has in it, but I will try to find another soup that’s just as healthy but has a flavor I enjoy more.

Day 4:
Today has been really awesome! I feel great! Tons of energy, even now at 10pm. I don’t know if I feel more energized because the effects of the Juicing are taking over or because I got to eat some more substantial meals – haha! Like I said, the Juicing was good, but chicken and rice is better, even when you can only eat 4 oz. and 1/2 a cup of it! Now I understand why you have to start exercising on Day 4.  With all this energy running through me, I NEEDED to get out of the house and go move around. I took Bella for a walk to start out, but will most likely progress to running at the gym. The menu items for Day 4 – 7 are all really tasty and I’m excited about them. Never thought I’d be excited about vegetables! I was much better about drinking water today. It was hard to drink water with the Juices because I wasn’t thirsty and I felt kind of overwhelmed by all the liquids…and constantly having to pee. Sorry, TMI! Moving on…I feel confident about sticking to the diet for the next few days. I’m excited to see what Kylee comes up for Week 2, which will be posted on Sunday, February 8th! Check back in then & keep checking Instagram: @missal_leigh for special updates and @loveleeloe to get in contact with Kylee to get The “Lowe” Down for yourself!

What do you think? Please send me some love/advice/questions/concerns, in the comment box below – thanks for reading!

New! Get the “Lowe” Down: Get Fit with Kylee Lowe

Hey y’all! I have a very exciting announcement to make – I’m entering into a fitness/blogging collaboration with Fitness Guru, fellow Blogger, and life-long friend, Miss Kylee Lowe! Kylee is extremely passionate about fitness and way more knowledgable about the ins and outs of creating a healthy body than I am – check out her Instagram: @loveleeloe for proof! Keep reading to get the “Lowe” down & see the Get Fit plan Kylee created for me!

IMG_3017Backstory: I will make no excuses…okay, I will make some excuses. I know I should exercise more and eat better, but I’m naturally a “bigger” girl, and I’m fine with that. I’m Greek and Portuguese, I come from a family of big women, I’m barely 5 foot but was somehow gifted with 34DD’s – I have been big/curvy/fat/chubby/thick etc, my entire life. Even at my thinnest, 120 lbs, I still had big boobs and a big butt. I have never been, nor do I ever expect to be, THIN. I’m more Kim Kardashian than Nicole Richie – just to name 2 short celebrities with polar opposite body types. I’m very lucky and thankful to have been blessed with family, friends, boyfriends, and an inner goddess that have always focused on my inner beauty and growth, more than what I look like on the outside. Due to that inner focus, I have felt confident for the majority of my post-pubescent years, despite my weight fluctuations and what popular culture might say. If my current weight was healthy for me, I wouldn’t change a thing. While this level of confidence is great for my inner goddess, it’s not great for my health because it lulls me into a false sense of security that I’m fine just the way I am. The truth is – I’m not. I currently hit the scale at about *gulp* 170 lbs, which is not the heaviest I’ve ever been, but I need to make some changes.

In 2011 I lost a significant amount of weight on my own (40 lbs), and have continued to yo-yo since then. Enlisting the help of a friend who is trained in health and fitness lets me know I’m going about this in a healthy manner and makes me accountable. I don’t want to put all this personal information on the internet and have Kylee take time out of her busy schedule to help me  – and then not follow through.

Kylee has graciously created a 4 week plan that I will follow for the month of February. Please click the FOLLOW button on the top right of my blog to get email updates when I post the next step of the plan or my weekly results! If you’re interested in working with Kylee on a plan of your own, please contact her through her blog – link to come soon! – or Instagram: @loveleeloe

The “Lowe” Down
This is the general steps for Week 1. I will update here and Instagram: @missal_leigh as I see fit plus include a weekly report on Day 8.

Days 1 – 3:
– Green Juice & Tea
– Energy Juice
– Cauliflower Soup & Tea
– Antioxidant Juice
– Green Juice
– Butternut Squash Soup & Tea

Days 4 – 7:
30 to 40 minutes of walking or running each day
– Green Smoothie
– Veggies, Rice Cake w/All Natural Peanut Butter
– Chicken or Fish & Spinach w/1 tbsp Fat Free Dressing
– Protein Shake
– Chicken, Brown Rice, Veggies
– Cauliflower Soup & Tea

Day 1: I’m off to a shaky start. I didn’t realize I would be better off with a Juicer, rather than a blender, so I was unprepared to begin. After doing some research and setting off to the store to buy a Juicer, among other errands, I finally started MUCH later in the day, which has thrown off the entire schedule. I’m a very dedicated “trainee” and am willing to push myself, thanks to growing up a competitive cheerleader, so while I am not a fan of the Green Juice ingredients, or taste, or aftertaste, I will continue to drink it as scheduled. Kylee has told me to play around with the ingredients and measurements, so I’m sure I will be able to create something more tolerable. The amount of liquids I drank today definitely kept me feeling full, but somewhat unsatisfied as I do not totally enjoy the Green Juice – yet! I did notice a significant dip in energy around 7 pm, but I am attributing that to not being on the correct schedule and not really having anything in my system until pretty late in the day. Now that I have all the correct ingredients and appliances, I am 100% confident that tomorrow will be more successful.

What do you think?! Are you interested in working with Kylee on your own plan? Please reach out to her and leave me some comments of support or any advice you might have!